Off the Grid: The Catalyst

Review by Amy Vincent, Book Lover, Student; U.K

Off the Grid: The Catalyst is a very cleverly written and well thought out piece of work. It tells the story of the mysterious Pan, an incredibly intuitive, insightful yet cynical and paranoid guy. Pan has spent his whole life challenging the authority of those that society accept to be looking out for them for example the police, the government and mainstream religion, Pan however, sees hypocrisy, greed and the loss of free will. As the world seems to be descending into chaos, the government uses the increased social anxiety and instability to maximise security throughout the country using a device they called Lifeline. What most others seem to think as the greatest government initiative and the start to a safe new world, Pan sees as the end of all free will, free thought and freedom and hence the need to go Off the Grid. Welcome to Pan’s world, a world of controversy, intrigue, lust and profuse amounts of alcohol- what is so terrifying is that this world does not see all too alien and dissimilar to our own, thus making you question what changes we will see in our own society in the upcoming future.

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